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Henry J Agallar has more than a decade of experience as a martial arts coach and is an expert in both Brazilian jiujutsu and NoGi grappling. Henry aka Hank Agallar also is a widely recognized high school wrestling coach. Agallar has coached both future MMA fighters and everyday people who want to use martial arts as a way to grow their confidence and improve their fitness. Agallar is known for his belief that people of all ages and fitness levels can use martial arts as a way to develop strength and discipline in both the mind and the body.

As a coach, Henry Agallar works with clients to help them develop all aspects of their fitness and knows that it can feel daunting to start with a white belt in a martial arts setting. Hank Agallar believes in meeting clients where they're at, helping them develop the basic skills that will help them succeed at a high level in martial arts. When clients walk into a training session with Agallar, they're made to feel comfortable, even if it's their first time going through a martial arts workout.

Hank Agallar helps clients set realistic goals that are challenging and achievable. As clients and students meet and exceed their goals, Agallar regularly reevaluates their progress, setting new goals to help them push forward. While many clients think about hitting the next belt as the ultimate goal, Agallar helps clients break down smaller steps that need to be achieved before moving forward to the next belt, helping clients and students grow in their confidence as they work their way through the ranks. He believes in helping clients and students stay just out of their comfort zones, pushing them to the next level of accomplishment.

In addition to using martial arts to develop fitness, Agallar also coaches clients and students in strength training and nutrition. Fueling the body properly is important in moving forward with fitness, and Agallar works to stay on top of the latest sports nutrition research to help his clients and students succeed.

Henry Agallar has spent years training in martial arts and has learned the importance of mastering the fundamentals before moving on to more complicated skills. His patience and dedication transfer to his students, one session at a time. Clients and students have confidence in Agallar's abilities and see their progression over time as an indication of his coaching ability.

In addition to his martial arts training, Henry Agallar earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin - Parkside and his master's degree from Olivet Nazarene University. Agallar uses his formal education to inform his coaching practice.

Henry Agallar is also well-versed in economics and stays on top of trends in the retirement, cryptocurrency, real estate, and stock markets. Agallar believes that financial education is key for living a healthy, happy life, and enjoys learning more about today's ever-changing economic world.

Henry Agallar has twice been named the Racine County Wrestling Coach of the Year, a testament to his dedication to the sport. His athletes are motivated and inspired by his continued dedication to the sport. Agallar understands the discipline and attention to detail that wrestling takes, and he teaches his wrestlers how to persevere through difficult challenges. His martial arts training helps him teach his wrestlers both the physical and mental toughness skills necessary for success on the mat.

Henry Agallar recognizes the importance of giving back to his community and is proud to support the Racine United Way. Supports of the United Way play a special role in helping the members of their community get the help that they need. The organization connects government agencies, human service organizations, educators, and volunteers, allowing them to work toward the common goal of supporting their community.

Agallar is also a proud supporter of the Ronald McDonald House. Many families who need medical care for their children are forced to travel far away from home in order to access the specialists and treatments they need for their children to get well. It can be hard to pay for travel and a place to stay while receiving medical treatment, especially when parents are out of work due to needing to care for their sick child. The Ronald McDonald House provides housing, meals, and recreational activities for siblings of the child receiving treatment. While some donations are received from independent McDonald's franchise owners, the majority of Ronald McDonald House operating costs come from donors like Agallar.

Henry Agallar believes in the importance of setting the example for his clients and students, and he works to stay physically fit through martial arts. Agallar also follows the UFC.

Agallar also runs a website to share his love of martial arts with others, offering tips and tricks to help newcomers grow in their skills.


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